First off, awesome that you’re interested in SurfAce!

This page contains some more information about the different kinds of memberships of SurfAce. This includes the intro membership, regular membership and summer membership. In that way you can see which membership suits you the best. You can become a member at every level of windsurf experience. SurfAce offers a beginner’s course with 5 lessons. After these lessons, you’ll know the basics and be able to join real surf sessions. SurfAce also offers clinics for the more experienced surfers. When you become a SurfAce member you can use SurfAce’s material for free, so all you need to buy is swimwear, awesome right?

Intro membership

You can become a SurfAce intro member for only € 25,00. This means, you’ll be a member from the beginning of the study year till December. This is a great time to see if surfing fits you. This also includes the beginner’s course and the use of all the SurfAce material. The beginner’s course is every week on a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday (depending on the number of beginners) at 6 P.M. When you become an intro member, you sign up for one of these days, choose the day that fits your schedule the best. This means you’ll have one beginner lesson every week, on the chosen day.

Regular membership

You can become a SurfAce regular member after your intro membership, spring membership or right from the start, if you’re sure you want to be a member for a whole year (I mean of course that’s what you want, right?). When you become a regular member directly, it’s €95,00 for a year. When you become an intro member at first and you want to be become a regular member (of course), you’ll pay € 70,00 on top of the € 25,00 for the intro membership. Then you can go windsurfing whenever you like, a whole year long!