If you want to join the bus, you have to sign up via the sailing forum. The one that initially claims the bus is basically the one who determines when and where the bus will be going, but this should be discuessed with the others. When you claimed a bus, you need to have a bus license yourself, or find someone who will drive the bus for you. If you took care of everything you are ready to head to the water.

First of all, you need to go to the 'stalling' to get others and your surf gear. After that you need to hurry up to the water! An overview of the spots where SurfAcers often go can be found here.

SurfAce aims to make windsurfing accessible to everybody, and as cheap as possible for her members. This is why SurfAce does not ask you to rent material for a day of surfing. To reach the water, one can use the buses of SurfAce. Again here SurfAce aims to keep the costs as low as possible. During the ALV (General Assembly) it has been decided that the SurfAce association pays the insurance, taxes and maintenance of the buses. Members are only asked to pay for fuel! Every month the price for this is redetermined. Additionally the association will ask members an additional 2 cent per kilometer when the bus was used to go surfing, and an additional 12 cents per kilometer when the bus was used for other purposes.

The price you pay is calculated by multiplying the fuel-price with the kilometers that you drove on your day surfing and this is then divided with the amount of people joining the day. A day surfing at Lauwersoog with a full bus will cost you about €3, a day at the IJsselmeer €6 and to Wijk aan Zee with a full bus will cost you about €10!

You can see SurfAce on different locations. The main location is the 'stalling'. This is located on the Friesestraatweg 191/192. When we go surfing this is the place to assemble. Besides this you can house your material here and it is simply a nice chill spot. What if there is no wind, so time for a drink? Then you need to be at the Barracuda Social Club. These and other important SurfAce spots in Groningen, you can find here.

When more people want to go surfing than we can offer seats, often the board can make sure there is extra transportation available. Renting is expensive and will give high costs to the association, so we rather look if members can use their own car and drive with the busses. Often this will give the opportunity for 4 or 5 people with gear to join in.

Fuel costs of the extra car will be paid by the association, after which the costs are divided as usual, over the people who joined in on the day, using the usual extremely low SurfAce-rate!
If hypothetically one does not succeed to find a car the board can give you permission to rent a car or bus.
We simply have to surf, but always after discussing it!

E-captain is the system we use for member management. You can find this on our website under the events page and at member info. You've received the login for this when you signed up. If you've forgotten them you can request them here or contact the secretary if that doesn't work.

Besides e-captain we also have the forum/websiteaccount. This account is used to read our awesome SurfActs (Dutch), look at the forum and of course post if you want to catch some gnarly winds!